Maintenance of Mechanical Sampling Systems



The “maintenance” portion of SAI’s standard Operations & Maintenance (O&M) program is a critical pillar of our O&M programs. It is SAI’s philosophy that sample quality and equipment longevity can be achieved with a solid maintenance effort each and every day. When considering what is at stake for the user and the owner of a mechanical sampling system, proper care of the equipment cannot be anything less than a major priority. Maintenance at our operations is comprised of the following:


The first element in every SAI maintenance program is Preventive Maintenance (PM). Every component of a sampling system is assigned a customized PM schedule which addresses all aspects of that equipment. From oil changes, to scrutinizing the condition of the equipment structures, all components receive regularly scheduled – and thorough – inspections.


With decades of experience, SAI has gained a vast knowledge of all mechanical sampling systems in operation today. A team of dedicated mechanics puts this knowledge to daily use while performing PM items and required repairs. From the replacement of basic wear items to major equipment replacement, SAI’s maintenance team can accomplish any assignment.


Our maintenance program includes various documentation to aid our personnel in proper observation of every detail of the equipment, to guide them through preventive tasks and repair actions, and to provide a historical record from which to reference in the future. Such detail allows SAI to immediately apply proven maintenance actions to new and old equipment alike.

  • Preventive Maintenance Schedule – This is a series of numerous detailed checklists which address major and minor aspects of every component for the system in our care. Items such as observations of key hardware, adjustment of wiping and scraping devices, rotation of crusher hammers, execution of crusher product tests, motor efficiency tests, etc. – are all scheduled on hours of operation or a calendar basis.
  • Preventive Maintenance (PM) Task – This document supplements the PM program in providing detailed instruction on maintenance and repair actions. The PM Task sheets include safety reminders, tools required, parts needed and actions to be taken. Many even include copies of manufacturer diagrams and instructions.
  • Maintenance Action Sheet (MAS) – This is an effective document used by both our Operators and Mechanics. It is a report whereby a problem with equipment is formally reported, then reviewed by the site manager and the maintenance department to assess the necessary action, parts to be ordered, etc.