Sampling System Design, Audits, & Equipment Repairs




When considering the installation of a new sampling system or replacing an old one, SAI has the technical know-how to write or review the specifications in order to help the owner obtain the best design for the application required. Aspects such as safety, equipment longevity, best equipment for the working conditions, and potential “trouble spots”, are just a few of the many factors considered. We will also strive for a “Tech-friendly” design. A sampling system with poor access for maintenance and inspections has a higher chance of being neglected. Good systems have numerous inspection doors for quick, easy cleanout and maintenance, plugged chute indicators strategically placed to alert operators of plugging situations, and the latest PLC programs to provide the operator with as much information as possible. The end result is a system which meets the owner’s expectations, has lower instances of downtime, and produces representative samples consistently.


SAI offers comprehensive audits of mechanical sampling systems anywhere in the U.S. and abroad. Our audits include static and dynamic observation of equipment performance and operator performance, analysis of sample ratio data; review of all program-related documentation; review of the maintenance program; exit interview with the system owner, and electronic and/or hardcopy versions of the final report. To date, we have performed audits in the U.S., Mexico, South America and Europe.


SAI has been called upon numerous times to restore old systems or those which have suffered from neglect, damage, or poor design. SAI can order, supervise and/or install full and partial component re-builds and replacements. When a component or system has not met owner expectations, we can suggest, fabricate, and implement design enhancements to produce a system that will operate better than ever.

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SAI offers on-site maintenance services for single-job repairs, and for long-term PM and repair. We have successfully accomplished numerous projects throughout the U.S. electric generating industry on various system configurations.