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Photo of SAI Gulf at ICRT Terminal as found at samplingassociates.com
Photo of SAI Gulf at ICRT Terminal as found at samplingassociates.com



Administrative Office


330 Belle Terre Blvd.,
Suite 205

1020 Bert Street

LaPlace, LA 70068

LaPlace, LA 70068

Phone: 1.985.359.6993Phone: 1.985.652.6933
Fax: 1.985.359.6994Fax:1.985.652.6898

Primary Contact

Tim Hale

Mobile: 1.504.908.0753



SAI Gulf, LLC is a leading provider of sampling, analysis and surveys for coal, petroleum coke and minerals at terminals, power plants and refineries throughout the US Gulf Coast states.

There are two main laboratories. One is in the New Orleans area, and the other covers the western Gulf from a Texas City, Texas location. Both labs are fully equipped and accredited, and they offer various support services such as draft surveying and inspections. In addition, SAI Gulf is part of a partnership network of laboratories with 50 locations throughout the United States and internationally.

SAI Gulf has several areas of special expertise. The first is in petroleum coke. Our company samples and analyzes more petroleum coke than any other organization in the world. We also offer expertise in calcined petroleum coke, graphite and carbon electrodes, and consulting services in commercial coking, calcining and anode technology processes.

The second area is mechanical sampling. SAI Gulf operates and maintains mechanical sampling systems in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. We also provide all aspects of mechanical sampling service including audits, repairs, installation and bias testing.

SAI Gulf is a joint venture of Sampling Associates International, LLC of Virginia, Sabine Surveyors, Ltd of Texas, and the A. J. Edmond Company of California. We are part of a group of family-owned businesses that include Standard Laboratories, McCreath & Son, Hampton Roads Testing, and Incolab.