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Norfolk Southern Lamberts Point Pier 6 Coal Terminal
Photo of NS Lambert’s Point P6 Coal Terminal as found at samplingassociates.com

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Sampling Associates International has proudly operated and maintained this terminal's mechanical sampling systems for over twenty-three years.

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Carlos D. Cruz, O&M Supervisor

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Edward W. Falis, Vice President

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SAI at the Norfolk Southern Lambert's Point Terminal

/ Pier 6, Norfolk, Virginia

NS Lambert's Point Terminal –

The NS Lambert’s Point Terminal (Pier 6) is located on the Elizabeth River in Norfolk, Virginia, and it is a part of the great history of the Hampton Roads area of the Chesapeake Bay. All coal is delivered by railcars which are stored at the Pier 6 yard to await the arrival of export vessels or domestic barges. When a vessel arrives the rail cars are weighed and then directed to two rotary-style car dumpers for direct load to the vessel. The terminal has the ability to load two vessels simultaneously and/or with multiple-shippers on any one vessel.

Mechanical Sampling Systems -

The two mechanical sampling systems on site were manufactured and installed by Precision Samplers Inc. in 2011 and they are identified as B and B1 to correspond to the terminal conveyors from which the systems collect samples. Both systems are re-configurations of the original sampling systems and they are identically designed as two-stage / single crusher systems. They each are also fitted with a cross-belt Size-Bulk Sampler located on the Primary Feed Conveyor to allow for the collection of uncrushed material for the purpose of size determination or other special analyses. Each operating program is time-based and the performance meets ASTM and ISO standards.

Support Services –

SAI offers a full range of support services to meet a customer’s needs. These services are: size sampling (aka: screen sampling), special bulk sampling, temperature monitoring surveys and on-site or Virginia/North Carolina-area cargo inspections.