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Kinder Morgan Pier IX/X Terminal
Photo of Kinder Morgan’s PIX Coal Terminal as found at samplingassociates.com

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Sampling Associates International has served the Kinder Morgan Pier IX / X Terminal for over twenty five years. We operate and maintain two newly installed Precision Sampler Inc. two-stage / single crusher mechanical sampling systems.

Primary Contact

Martin Hirsch, O&M Supervisor

Office:  757.928.0484
Fax:  757.928.0482
Mobile:  757.342.6001


Secondary Contact

Edward W. Falis, Vice President

Office:  757.928.0484
Fax:  757.928.0482
Mobile:  757.645.8212


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SAI at the Kinder Morgan Pier IX/X Terminal

Newport News, Virginia

Kinder Morgan Pier IX Terminal –

The Kinder Morgan Pier IX Terminal (PIX) is a multi-purpose facility located on the James River in Newport News, Virginia in the Hampton Roads area of the Chesapeake Bay. The facility began operations in 1983 and handles coal, petroleum coke, synfuel and cement.

All material is received via the CSXT railroad, with railcars discharging to stockpiles for eventual shipment to the export and the domestic utility markets and to export metallurgical markets. The facility is currently in the early stages of an expansion to meet the rising demand for import coal. (See link to SAI operations at the Kinder Morgan Shipyard River Terminal, Charleston, South Carolina).

Mechanical Sampling Systems -

The inbound, As-Received (A/R), and the outbound, As-Shipped (A/S), mechanical sampling systems are PSI-engineered two-stage cross-belt designs, with a single hammer-mill crusher stage between the Primary and Secondary Samplers.

Additional Services –

SAI offers additional services to clients at the PIX facility and the region. They are: temperature monitoring surveys, cargo inspections, barge surveying, and sampling system assessments and audits at power plants and other industrial sites.